Gay Naked Ice Bucket Challenge

Gay Naked Ice Bucket Challenge

Naked Ice Bucket Challenge from Richard Westgate on Vimeo.

The Gay Naked Ice Bucket Challenge

So I absolutely promised I would NOT do the ice bucket challenge!


Except I have a friend who died of ALS in 2010. He and I shared many naked adventures together, so when my husband dedicated his Ice Bucket Challenge to Martin, and our two Brazilian students did the same, and one of my sons did too … well, what else could I do? Diego challenged me, and I decided what I’d do. I would do the challenge naked, and in public. With a blog like Gay Naked Stories, how could I wimp out?

So I agreed to do the challenge. I didn’t tell HOW I would do it, but in my mind I decided to do it Naked, and in the middle of the Gay Village. Hence … Gay, Naked. So I set it up with a small team, who would a) watch for the cops, b) throw the ice bucket, and c) film the whole episode.

There was construction going on at the designated intersection, so it was easy to stand almost in the middle of the two roads without taking my life in my hands. Traffic was also significantly diminished. We got set up and got the camera going and off we went! I got to remove my shirt and push my shorts down when someone honked at me with a much-deeper-than-normal-car-honk. I knew that honk! I looked around and saw a huge police SUV! glaring at me.


Oh, well, shorts back up. Snarl at my team for not warning me! Talk to the officer! I said, “I’m doing the Ice Bucket Challenge!” as if this might excuse me and induce him to say, “Oh, okay, well go ahead.” It was not to be. I thought he said, “Not with your pants down on Yonge Street!” So I said, “But this is Church Street.” So he said, “I know where we are.” “Okay.” I said – Not to be taken to mean, “Okay I’ll give this up and go home.”

He left, and we waited about five minutes to ensure neither he nor any other officers were around, and then went ahead anyway, though rather quickly.

I did know, from the evening news, some hours earlier, that the police were conducting a massive (by Toronto standards) manhunt for some armed convict who had escaped from jail in the States and was running around Toronto with a gun. So … they were not actually very tuned in to finding Gay Naked Ice Bucket challengers at all! However, I thought the centre of the search was too far away to worry about – but in reality, it wasn’t all that far away.

In the video I can hear Henry say something like, “There’s a police car,” but I didn’t actually hear that at the time, what with the drag queens on the patio over the road. Had I known he was right there, I could have waited just a couple of minutes. Oh well, no harm done! And it makes for a funny video.

Thanks to all my helpers – even the unplanned drag-nuns over the road!

Update: Lots of response on the polite version on YouTube, and even more on the rude version on Vimeo.




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