About My Writing Gay Naked Stories

About My Writing Gay Naked Stories

About my Writing Gay Naked Stories !

Naked Everywhere

Naked and the Nude – Poem

This is about my writing gay naked stories. The fictional stories and the true accounts of my adventures in the world of public nudity, stem from my fascination – perhaps some would say my obsession – with being naked outdoors. It dates from a very young age. My earliest recollections of wanting to take all my clothes off outside  with my friends, was probably around the age of nine or ten. We quickly learned to play “truth or dare” in hidden spots around the neighbourhood or “over the woods.” We were a small of group of about six boys and girls, all living within a few hundred yards of one another on the outskirts of a small English seaside town. As soon as I realized that I could be “dared” to take of my trousers and even my underwear – the heart-stopping moment when I had to decide, “will I or won’t I?” the adrenalin pumping, my heart up in my throat – I was well and truly hooked!

That obsession has stayed with me up until now. As I write this I am over 70 years old. Sometimes it feels very old. Other times, when I’m out naked in public, I feel like a kid again.

So … my time being naked in public is inexorably coming to an end. I used to run 6 or 8 miles in the good weather, on a lonely trail at night – naked. I’d hide my clothes and leave them far behind, daring fate to ensure they are still there when I get back. Sometimes I’d wear nothing but shorts (and running shoes), and I’d hang the shorts in plain view on a fence.

However, my family is now very concerned about this activity, and fearful of me getting beaten up by unsavoury people who inhabit the dark corners of society. So I don’t do that any more. Actually, I don’t run any more either. I stopped when my balance started to diminish and I found I would easily trip and fall down, returning home covered in blood on my hands, knees and shoulder. I was saddest about dropping the naked running more than the running itself. Time marches on and age will have its due, I suppose.

So, I decided to create this website. I wrote a couple of stories many years ago on Nifty.org the erotic story blog. I’ve read a lot there too over the years. However, my fascination with nudity in public has led me to write a number of “what if?” stories. What if a precocious child simply refused to wear clothes? What if he grew up hardly ever wearing clothes, and eventually became an adult who simply never wore clothes? Of course, in real life he’d be arrested and probably spend most of his life in jail. But this website isn’t real life, so I can make believe anything at all, can’t I? I called the stories “The Naked Series” and you’ll find them all here eventually.

You can read some excerpts online and also buy the whole story in ebook or pdf format for a coupla dollars. I hope you like them.


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