The Naked Student

The Naked Student

Published Date: August 27, 2014

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It was a strange punishment: "You will remain naked indoors and out, at class, dining hall, away basketball games - everywhere - until further notice!"



Davey Jones, a freshman student at an engineering college is standing with his friends in the dining hall line up waiting to pick up his meal, when he is unceremoniously picked up by his ‘friends’ and “passed back” along the line and dumped at the end. This is a traditional punishment for rude guys who jump the line, and the whole student body will physically eject them to the back of the line. Davey of course was innocent! However, in his case, things took a different turn. As his helpless body traversed above the heads of a few hundred students, his clothes began to disappear. He arrived at the back of the line as naked as the day he was born! He was dumped on the ground only to find that he was naked in front of the college Principal! Fireworks ensue! His life as the naked student is only just beginning. He becomes known throughout the college as the naked student and eventually, the whole country knows about the naked student.

What follows has enormous implications for the young man’s life and future career, leading to a totally unexpected outcome!


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