Hello Naked World!

Hello Naked World!

Welcome to my Naked World.

Nudity is a funny thing, isn’t it? On the one hand, we’ve all got it. We’re all naked from time to time. We were born naked, no doubt about that! We’re all naked under our clothes – we cannot escape that fact.

And yet.

And yet, we seem to be hell-bent on denying our nakedness. We are ashamed of it. We are mortally embarrassed about it. We are so afraid and/or ashamed of our naked bodies, that the very fact of our shame is often used against us by police and military authorities. The Strip Search is a humiliating and shameful procedure, and authorities use our shame to intimidate us and coerce our cooperation.

The whole world is becoming clothed. We even have societies in which the human body is so shameful, that thousands if not millions of people today walk around in public, looking at the world through only a tiny slit in a great bag of fabric that covers every inch, even their face!

And yet.

And yet, stories of creation, of our early days as a race of human beings, we are described as innocent and naked. Now if you believe that or not, it is fairly clear that primitive humans were in fact naked. We still have a few small tribal societies that live naked in tropical environment even today. Sadly, as these peoples have more contact from the Rest of the World, they adopt our ridiculous forms of dress. Sad to see that go.

Screenshot 2014-06-26 13.29.15I am known by some on my street as either the “underwear guy” or the “naked guy”, depending upon when and in what circumstances people have observed me. I have for years adopted simple underwear as outdoor wear in and around my home. I would often sit outside on my steps, a glass of wine in hand, to observe the world go by. A surprising number of people would stop to talk, just small talk, although some would comment on the underwear. Very late at night, in the early hours of the morning, I would sometimes go for a stroll naked around the streets or into the park down the road. Not many people about, but no adverse comments, and for the most part no police – couple of times there were police, but not in the immediate neighbourhood.

I began this obsession with nudity when I was quite young, around the age of ten or twelve. By my early teens I was often walking in the nearby woods, stark naked. In those days I was terrified of being seen by anyone! Odd, really that I was so afraid, yet I kept doing it. Maybe it was a secret kept from myself, that I actually wanted to be caught.

I finally came out as a nudist, not long after I came out as gay. The two were linked, of course. I saw an event ad for a “Naked Passion Dance.” I was in! And so began my odyssey with Public Nudity, as distinct from simply being nude outdoors where no-one could see me.

In this blog I am going to recount some of my real-life experiences with public nudity. The stories I’ll relate here will be true with the details as far as I remember them, accurate. The fiction I write, and publish on this site, are just that – fiction. However in the blog pages, it’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

So read on and if you like them, let me know!

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