Naked TV Show

Naked TV Show

Italian Naked TV Show

Oh those Europeans! See one man and two women strip completely naked on national television in this Naked TV Show.

Naked strip game on live TV by hjen2010

I don’t understand Italian, so I can’t tell how the show works … but it’s fun anyway. I’d like to find out the actual name of the show and track down any online postings of other episode. The young guy is pretty spectacular and really relaxed about his junk, getting even more relaxed when they all move outside.

I find this kind of non-sexual nudity entered into by such open and unselfconscious people to be extremely uplifting. I just love the idea of putting oneself completely, openly “out there.” They are saying, “this is me, the whole me and nothing but me!” It’s a bit like baring your soul to the whole world. It is the absolute opposite sentiment of the guy who called me a, “filthy bastard.”

There is another video I came across on Vimeo, that carries the same attraction for me. This guy radiates the pure joy of being naked and free. Alas, it did not end so well for this young man.


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