Toronto Pride 2015

Toronto Pride 2015

Naked at Toronto Pride 2015. Again!

So last weekend was the Toronto Pride Parade for 2015.


The weather was the most shitty I can remember! It poured rain, and poured and poured … you get the picture. AND COLD. Windy, raining, coooooold!!!!

Everyone said, “It’s not going to rain on our parade!” And God bless them all, the parade was a lot of fun and everyone had a good time. I know. I watched it on TV live!

I usually go to the parade in underwear only. This time I wore my leather biker jacket and underwear. Did I mention it was cold?

The parade, of course, was on Sunday. The previous Friday, after the street was closed off, I did my naked walk up and down, and it was a warm really nice night. We had a BBQ on Saturday night we had a rain storm like you wouldn’t believe. Stayed home. On Sunday, the weather eased up in the evening, so I did got out in ripped (and I MEAN, ripped, underwear. Tighty Whities hanging in shreds. With my leather jacket to keep warm. Went to a bar with a friend. Met a guy in the bar and the three of us walked up and down Church street. I gave my jacket to my friend, who complained that it was heavy. Too Bad! I took my underwear off and gave that to him to.

We walked the guy we met up to where he lives a few blocks away. I was naked the whole way. I really loved that night.

Naked on Church Street

Naked on Church Street

Next day, I didn’t remember how I got home. Texted my friend. I asked, did I stay naked all the way home? He said, “up until the incident at the Park.”

“What Park?’ Um, “What incident?”

“You tried to go throught Cawthra Park,” (the AIDS memorial park” and were told it was “off limits. They threatened to call the police.”


I said, “Did I get angry?”

“Yes, it was hard to drag you away from the park.”

Oh Shit.

I know I can get very angry and out of control at a certain stage of drunkenness. I’ve promised myself that I will stop doing that.

APOLOGY: My sincerest (sober) apologies to all those I have verbally abused while drunk, naked and … stupid, I suppose. Security guards at Church on Church, formerly George’s Play; the Manager or Security Chief at Zippers when a friend came into the washroom stall with me and locked the door, and whoever barred me from Cawthra Park two nights ago. No idea what I said, but whatever it was, I’m sorry.

I did a lot of shouting on those occasions, and I am thoroughly ashamed of myself.

Apparently I did it again on Sunday night at the park.

As you might surmise, I don’t remember the later events of Sunday night.

What I DO remember is the cool night air on my naked body. The fun of other people seeing me naked on the street. Being the only person naked in a dense crowd of people. This is totally addictive. I’ve done this for years now. I don’t always have a photographer with me, but this night I did, and last year too, and the year before!


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